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The witch needs to obtain the treasure that is under the protection of the royal family. The witch desperately needs the treasure since there is a symbol called Cactux Simbol. Everyone who gets it can obtain power from the royal family (king and queen).

The witch already has a map that she obtained from her father prior to his death. He had given his everything to get the treasure, but unfortunately, he was unable to and so asked his daughter to press on with the journey.

But having a map is not adequate and the witch needs the Golden key, which is protected by the royal family. How shall she obtain it? It seems the treasure that the witch direly needs is the Golden Key.

The witch needs help to get the key, and the royal family needs help to protect the key. One party (witch) wants to get the treasure, and the other (king and queen) fights hard to protect the Golden Key.

Who is going to win this game of wits? Who is going to fix this puzzle? Or is it a dilemma? If one decides to be a Witcher, your task is to assist the witch in finding the key, and if you’re royal, you need to protect the key from the witch and her supporters. 

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The Cactux Adventure is a collection consisting of 10000 NFTs with distinct features and attributes. Each owner has his or her respective NFT rarity, distinct from the other.

  • We have 1 king, 1 Queen, and 1 Witch in our NFT collection.

  • We have 100 Diamond Hand Cactusaks. 

  • We have 200 Rubi hand Cactusaks.

  • We have 300 Sapphire hand Cactusaks.

  • We have 400 Taaffeite hand Cactusaks.

  • We have 500 Spinel hand Cactusaks.

  • And we have 8500 Flower hand Cactusaks.


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